Why should I choose Dr. John R Chaconas to be my family dentist?

Dr. Chaconas will give you high quality dental care in a comfortable environment at a fair and reasonable cost. He takes great care to assure your comfort, has developed many techniques to reduce anxiety during office visits and truly cares about his work. Dr. Chaconas' patients are his number one priority and you will see that this is the case from your first visit.

Do you accept Dental Insurances?

We accept most dental insurances and are an in-network provider for many. Your insurance company should be able to provide you with a list of providers. You can also call our front desk at 281-337-5262 to verify that we accept your insurance and they will be happy to help you.

I have insurance. What portion will I have to pay and when?

We accept the estimated uninsured portion of your bill on the day of your visit. Cleanings, exams and x-rays are almost always covered at 100% with no deductible. Most patients with insurance pay nothing for six-month cleanings and exams. While our insurance database can closely calculate your estimated portion it is only an estimate, ultimately, you are responsible for the entire amount should the estimate fall short or your insurance company reimburse differently. Our staff will happily help you work with your insurance company in filing your forms.

What if I have no dental insurance?

If you have no insurance, Dr. Chaconas could be just right for you! You will find fees for procedures to be very competitive and reasonable. We offer a discount once you are an established patient called the "Routine Care Discount" where if you routinely attend your checkup appointments you are not charged for your exam at the time of that visit. That means that every six months when you come in for your cleaning your exam is free of charge! We find that this is a huge benefit to our cash paying patients. We also offer a discount-for-cash to those patients pre-paying their entire treatment plan.

What happens if I have no money to pay my portion or deductible?

It is possible for Dr. Chaconas' office to arrange third party low-rate financing through CARECREDIT to patients. We can qualify you within fifteen minutes and determine if financing options may be available to you. If your credit ratings are strong, interest rates may be close to 0%. Historically, financing has been arranged for patients with compromised credit scores for as low as 14%. Special discounts are offered to patients who are paying in full before their treatment plan is begun which frequently offsets the interest cost. Call our front desk for more information.

Do you treat children?

Yes! Dr. Chaconas spent a year practicing with a Pedodontic Dentist treating children where he gained extensive knowledge in easing their anxiety and special techniques to improve their comfort. Dr. Chaconas has a policy of having the parent accompany the child, always. Some offices would prefer the parent to remain in the waiting room, however having four kids of his own, Dr. Chaconas does not expect his patients to do something he himself would not be willing to do. We have seating in the operatories where the parents can comfortably be a part of the child's dental visit and observe the treatment.

At what age do you recommend children begin seeing the dentist?

It is nice to introduce the child at around 3 to the dentist. This is a great get aquainted visit where an exam will be done and the child can see that visiting the dentist is fun!

What do you do to help if I am scared?

We have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) that we will utilize if a patient chooses. It is administered through a mask worn on the face and many patients say "it takes the edge off" by easing their anxiety. If you are extremely anxious about your visit and treatment please do not hesitate to speak to Dr. Chaconas about this option. There are also some prescription anxiety relievers that we can give you in advance of your appointment, but these will require you have transportation to and from your visit and there is an associated downtime with these where you are prohibited from doing many activities. Dr. Chaconas is very skilled and has many techniques to help ease any discomfort you may anticipate.

Do I have to get my teeth capped to get rid of spaces between my front teeth?

In most cases capping to correct spaces isn't necessary. Today with beautiful, natural looking porcelain veneers (also called porcelain facings) we can easily make dramatic cosmetic changes to remove spaces, fix cracked teeth, do minor tooth straightening, and change the color of your teeth. In many instances, little or no tooth structure needs to be removed to create the smile of your dreams. We also do INVISALIGN which is just like braces, but uses clear trays you put in and take out that are highly effective.

Is "tooth whitening" safe?

Bleaching procedures are safe and approved by the American Dental Association. Bleaching does not wear away any tooth structure or make a tooth more susceptible to staining. There is a big difference though in the different whitening products that are out there right now. Some claim to work, but do not. The best whitening available is a product where we make a custom tray for you to wear and you put a small amount of the product inside the tray then slip it onto your teeth. You wear it for 30 minutes at a time for 5 days. This seems to get the most dramatic and lasting results.

Is gum surgery essential if I have periodontal (gum) disease?

We have found, many times, surgery is not necessary following a conservative course of periodontal treatment. This type of care typically includes a series of nonsurgical gum treatments. Even when surgery is required, it often is needed only in a few areas of the mouth and results can be greatly enhanced by nonsurgical preparation.

If periodontal disease is such a problem, why doesn't it hurt?

This is, unfortunately, a very good question. Periodontal problems can become quite serious and extremely advanced without any pain whatsoever. That is why it is so important to be attentive to the warning signs - bleeding gums when brushing and flossing, swollen gums, receded gums, teeth changing position, pus or swelling around gums - to name a few.

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