• Olivia Schreiner, RDH Dental Hygienist
    Olivia Schreiner earned her Dental Hygiene degree from the University of Texas-Health Science Center of Houston in 2003 placing in the top ten percent of her class. She has been with the practice for over 10 years and loves to feel like she has helped patients take ownership of their oral health. She really enjoys when patients can see their progress and look forward to their next visit! Her ultimate goal with every patient is to make them feel at home in our practice and to let them know that she cares about their progress and improvement along the way. Olivia is a Nassau Bay resident and enjoys community life there with her husband of 15 years and their 6 year old daughter.
  • Tandi Gardner, RDH
    Tandi Gardner, RDH began her dental career in 2005 as a dental assistant. She enjoyed dentistry so much that she furthered her education to pursue dental hygiene and graduated from Wharton County Junior College in 2012. Her passion is to achieve and maintain optimum oral health, while developing lasting relationships with her patients. She also loves to help patients calm their anxiety of dentistry. Tandi resides in Friendswood with her husband and 2 children. She enjoys yoga, traveling, and having adventures with her family.
  • GATOR !
    Hi, I am GATOR! I love to visit with the kids who come into our office and help teach them how important it is to brush and floss! I sometimes venture out of the office and go to school to teach kids how to brush their teeth!

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