"If you want a dentist that makes sure you are getting the best care possible, you will LOVE Dr. Chaconas. My family has been seeing Dr. C for over 3 years now and he is as gentle with my three year old as he is with me. We respect and trust him and recommend him to everyone we know."

Mike and Clara D, League City

"I saw Dr. Chaconas after hearing how wonderful he was from everyone. I have been so impressed with how thorough he is and how much he cares that you are getting the best treatment possible. He always lets you know exactly what you need and then he gives you the options. That was really helpful for me. The office is really nice and the staff is always friendly and helpful. Dr. Chaconas himself is just a nice, respectable father of four who you will love. I feel it is a priviledge to be a patient of Dr. Chaconas especially with the way medical care is now a days and I have no reservations about recommending him to anyone and everyone.

Mr. Douglas L, Dickinson

"If you want a great dentist who is gentle and makes sure you are comfortable, then you will love Dr. Chaconas. He is also really great about explaining what is going to happen and making sure you are not worried"

Jacob, 13 years old

My daughter broke her tooth on a Saturday night at 9:00 p.m. I thought there was no way to find a doctor and that it was going to be the emergency room, but when I paged Dr. Chaconas he called me right back and within 30 minutes he met us at his office and had my little girl calm and happy with her treasure from the treasure box. I am a hugely devoted fan of this wonderful and caring doctor. He now sees my entire family and everyone thinks I am so smart for finding him!

Jessica C, Bacliff

Dr. Chaconas is the absolute best. He has won awards for his skills and does a lot of charity work for those in need. We have called on him many times through our church and have appreciated the generosity of his time and skill. He is a wonderful person as well as the best dentist one could have!

Rev. Larry K, Southeast Church of Christ

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